Babi Written on Her Cup? Bavitra To Sue Starbucks!

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babi Starbucks
Photo is from Bavitra's Facebook post

It is a practice by coffee shops, Starbucks in particular, to ask for your name so they can write it on the coffee cup you ordered. This is to facilitate their distribution of the products after they are prepared. Fine.

Starbucks Velocity

But writing someone’s name as Babi, in Malaysia, by Malaysians working in a Starbucks? That is too much and netizens agree it is a overboard. The woman, Bavitra, is furious and she will be suing the Starbucks at Sunway Velocity Mall for that.

Babi Betul

She claims in a post she uploaded on Facebook that her husband spelled her name correctly but the cup came with Babi written on it. For non-Malaysians, Babi means pig. The short form for Bavitra’s name should be Bavi. Damn Starbucks.

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