Twitter User Faces Backlash for Blaming Malays in Church’s Chicken Name Change to Texas Chicken

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Malays Texas Chicken Church

Apparently an East Malaysian commented on Church’s Chicken having a name change in order to appease the Malays in Malaysia. According to a MalayMail article in 2015, there were talks about a Muslim individual finding the Church’s Chicken branding in one of their dipping sauce and states that they do not eat from a brand that is related to the Church. 

However, the brand responded to that statement saying that it is simply a branding name and it is not related to any houses of worship. The name of the restaurant chain is derived from the surname of its founder, George W. Church Sr.

Twitter user getting attacked for accusing Malays in Church’s Chicken name change 

A netizen responded to the statement saying that statements like these are done to villainize the Malay community. The netizen also states that it is called Texas Chicken in New Zealand and Russia. Basically, there are other reasons why the branch changes their name in certain countries. 

There are others that are saying certain conservatives may say such a thing as previously, there were boycotts towards McDonalds due to false rumors of them supporting Israel. Furthermore, imaginations can run wild if a fast food chain restaurant is named after another religion’s house of worship. 

Regardless, it is not nice to randomly start fights with other groups of people simply due to a fast food restaurant’s name. There are a number of brands with implementations of other religions in their name, such as Christian Dior that are doing well in Malaysia. 

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Malays Texas Chicken Church

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