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There are talks all over social media of netizens getting annoyed with Netflix’s woke agenda by making historical people like Cleopatra as Black. Conservatives in America are vehemently against Blackwashing as it is historically inaccurate. Especially if it is a documentary of an actual person. 

Cleopatra documentary accused of blackwashing 

Twitter users are insulting Jada Pinkett Smith for making Cleopatra Black and they are stating that she should return to her prior project, which is humiliating Will Smith. Others are joking that Will Smith will slap everyone who dares give the documentary a bad review. 

Woke Americans are stating that users are giving it bad reviews even before it came out. However, replies to this sentiment states that re-writing history is bad. Talks of Netflix standing a chance to lose more money than they currently are. 

Another Twitter user states that Netflix is now learning the hard way that African does not necessarily mean Black. Replies to this comment states that people who have been to North African countries like Egypt have not seen anyone who is Black in these countries. 

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Image from Netflix.

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