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Financial Ringgit, Senior Officer begging
Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

It’s quite obvious that a lot of people in Malaysia have been duped by someone they know into lending them thousands of Ringgit, only for them to disappear from you. There are a plethora of cases where the person is seen begging to borrow a large sum of money from an individual but ends up blocking the person who lent them the money. 

Blocking someone after “begging” to borrow RM5,600 from them? 

Apparently, one user states that they lent some money to a mutual that they know off. However, when it’s time for them to pay back the money they owe, they’d pretend nothing happened. For obvious reasons, this is most definitely wrong. The lender also stated that he feels like he is begging for his own money back. 

Others are suggesting that those who are kind enough to lend someone money should take collateral from them. For example, if someone wants to borrow RM3,000, they’d need to give their 65 inch television, just in case they did not return the money back to its original owner. 

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Financial Ringgit, Senior Officer begging
Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

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