Why Malaysia Must PRIORITIZE Gig Workers’ Welfare

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Joelle Pang, General Manager of FastGig, FastCo Malaysia

Malaysia’s gig economy is booming, but gig workers face challenges. They lack social protections, fair wages, learning opportunities, and safe working conditions. To support them, Malaysia should provide healthcare, retirement benefits, fair pay, safety, and training. Companies like Fast gig are there to ensure the well being of said gig-workers.

Importance of Malaysian gig workers 

Gig workers are concentrated in services, agriculture, and industry sectors, with 26% of the labor force (four million freelancers) engaged in full-time gig work. The Services Sector dominates, comprising 97% of gig workers, mainly in wholesale and retail trade. The government is considering the Self-Employed Social Security Scheme (SKSPS) and expanding retirement contributions. Malaysian businesses must also offer fair wages, safety, and growth opportunities. 

Trade unions can advocate for gig workers’ rights. Malaysia needs policies that protect gig workers, provide training, and foster partnerships between gig platforms and traditional employers, creating an inclusive and sustainable economy for all workers.

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Joelle Pang, General Manager of FastGig, FastCo Malaysia

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