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Image from Coldplay's official Twitter account.

The talk of ticket scalpers for the Coldplay concert is infuriating most Malaysians, and it appears that the list includes celebrities as well. A Twitter user screen grabbed an Insta Story done by legendary singer, Sheila Majid stating that these ticket scalpers are merely taking advantage of the situation. 

A list celebrity Sheila Majid mad at ticket scalpers 

A Twitter user states Sheila Majid mentions that the original CAT 2 prices were RM228, but it is being resold for RM600. Furthermore, another Twitter user found a ticket that is being sold for RM43,000, which is the CAT 1 seats. It initially sold for RM1,288. The VIP tickets did not even reach RM4,000. 

Netizens state that the whole purpose of matching the IC and full name is to stop scalpers from selling tickets. He states that there is no purpose of placing one’s IC and name while booking these tickets as it is not checked anyways. Another suggestion is to have one’s full name and IC checked before entering the stadium, if it doesn’t match, then the person should not enter.

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Coldplay Sheila
Image from Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

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