Some Netizens VICTIM BLAMING Bavitra On The Starbucks Incident

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The unfortunate incident that happened to Ms Bavitra is taken in the wrong direction by some. It is logical to know that nobody in Malaysia would prefer the word “babi” on their Starbucks drink as it is an offensive slur. However, it seems that there are those who agree with this sentiment. 

Man claims to be Dr in order to avoid the whole Bavitra incident 

A man states that there are actual people who are named “babi” and that it could be a legitimate order from someone of that name. Furthermore, the man states that his name is also complex. He adds that he got himself a PhD in order for people like those baristas to call him Doctor. 

Another user replied to the post and said that this is a life hack, if you’d want baristas to avoid calling you the wrong name, get a PhD.

There are some who state that it is time for Starbucks to enact customers to write their own name on their cups. Regardless, this will take up precious time that the customers and staff have. Replies to this comment also state that some customers will most definitely complain about their own ugly handwriting. 

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white and brown starbucks cup Bavitra
Photo by Gema Saputera on Unsplash

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