Ticket Scalpers Exploit Coldplay Concert. Tickets at RM43,200!

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Coldplay Concert
Photo from Coldplay YouTube

Ticket scalpers are taking advantage of the upcoming Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour (MOTSWT) concert in Bukit Jalil Stadium, reselling tickets at exorbitant prices reaching RM43,200. Despite official prices set at RM1,288 for Category 1 seats on GoLive-Asia, these scalpers are exploiting the situation by selling tickets at unreasonable rates.

Ticket Scalpers

They specifically target affluent buyers and reject offers involving motorcycles. Outraged fans are demanding action against these scalpers, who continue to resell tickets on social media and in shopping centres, far exceeding the original prices.

Coldplay Concert

The incident has prompted calls for GoLive-Asia to monitor scalping activities more closely, while fans urge others to boycott scalpers and avoid purchasing tickets from them. The scandal has ignited public anger, emphasizing the need for stricter measures against such unethical practices.

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