AKKA Nasi Lemak Dishes Out 500 to 900 Packs DAILY

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Akka Nasi Lemak Son
Nasi Lemak Viral

The new superstar of the Malaysian internet, Akka nasi lemak states that she has not had a calm day since she viralled on the internet. She states that she needs to take a break from all the exhaustion from preparing all these dishes. Netizens from all over the country have shown support to her business but her health is also important. 

Preparing over 500-900 packs of nasi lemak will most definitely take a toll on an individual. Following that, it would be challenging for her to upkeep her quality and consistency if there is an overload of orders. 

Akka nasi lemak needs a break 

Netizens state that when someone is viralled, it is common to see them change their lifestyles. Furthermore, if that said person is in the F&B industry, it would be quite difficult for them to keep up with their new demand. Other users state that the Akka nasi lemak is the next Sugu Pavithra, the previously viral YouTube sensation who disappeared from the internet. 

Some suggest that she should quit selling nasi lemak and have a long rest for her mental health. Unfortunately, another netizen points out that she still needs to feed her family, and if she takes a long break, there will be no income for her to earn. 

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Akka Nasi Lemak Son
Nasi Lemak Viral

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