Netizen Claims Arab Couple “Pukau-ed” Them For RM100 Notes 

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man and woman standing in front of store Arab
Photo by Li Lin on Unsplash.

It appears that in Kelantan, there was a peculiar story that happened. A store owner states when she opened her store with her husband, a weird Arab couple entered the store. She states that the man wanted to take a look at their RM100 notes, and her husband was not aware of the situation. 

The Arab man proceeds to place his hands in her handbag, and for obvious reasons, she pushes his hands away. She claims that when he did that, he told her to “not worry.” 

Woman claims husband was hypnotized by Arab couple 

The story garnered over 1 million views on Twitter and it got other netizens sharing their experiences with peculiar people. One woman states that her husband received his monthly salary but was allegedly hypnotized to give someone else his entire monthly salary. 

Netizens are advising one and another to not show Ringgit notes to suspicious people as this is one of their tricks. There was another person who fell into this trap, who gave the random person RM2,000 which was in their wallet. It is unclear how they are able to hypnotize people into giving them large sums of money, but it is said to be happening in Kelantan. 

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man and woman standing in front of store Arab
Photo by Li Lin on Unsplash.

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