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Amber Heard Dior Johnny depp

Dior has officially announced a renewed partnership with Johnny Depp, solidifying their collaboration for another three years. In a groundbreaking deal worth $20 million USD (RM90 million), the LVMH-owned French luxury brand has chosen Depp as the face of Dior Sauvage, marking it as the most significant endorsement ever for a male fragrance.

Johnny Depp helping Dior sell out their Sauvage perfume 

Due to his turbulent history with Amber Heard, netizens are standing with Johnny Depp. Amber Heard has been mocked, insulted and turned into a meme. Regardless, abuse should not be tolerated whether the person is a man or a woman. 

A feminist made a comment stating that institutions are still defending men like Depp despite being accused of abusing Amber Heard as well. However, his fans rushed in support of him stating that he was merely accused and not charged for abuse against her. 

Netizens are also stating that they are standing for Amber Heard and claim that she too deserves justice. Calls to boycott Dior are also in place for their contract renewal with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. However, luxury enthusiasts state that it is illogical to cancel a couture house for selecting an individual to promote their perfume line. 

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Amber Heard Dior Johnny depp

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