After The Babi Scandal, Now it’s Hanat as in Lahanat

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Twitter users are having a terrific time with Starbucks and this should boost the coffee shop’s business.

Starbucks Fail

After the mess created with the Babi written on a coffee cup instead of the persons name, now Twitter users are posting photos of other name failures by Starbucks.


See the tweet below to decide for yourself. Hanat can be seen as lahanat in Malay, meaning damn you.

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<h3> Babi Written on Her Cup? Bavitra To Sue Starbucks! </h3>
<p>You are basically calling someone babi when you do that and Bavitra, the victim of this situation, is going press charges against…</p></a>

babi Starbucks
Photo is from Bavitra’s Facebook post

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