Twitter Calling Prince Harry, Meghan Markle STUPID and Alleged She CHEATED On Him 

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Prince Harry
Image taken by Mark Jones from Wikipedia.

The ever so infamous Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle are not seen as respectable figures anymore. This is apparent after Prince Harry released his book called Spare. Netizens now are bringing up the South Park episode where they were both parodied and speculate that what was done on the show is true. 

Meghan Markle allegedly CHEATED on Prince Harry? 

Twitter users are speculating from a source that she cheated on her husband with her bodyguard. However, the validity of this claim is quite blurry as there is no actual evidence that she did so. Currently, it seems that Twitter users are looking for anything against Harry and his wife. 

Users do not believe that she was in a car chase from the paparazzis as in New York City, it would be an unlikely place for it to happen. Furthermore, the people that they trash talked about are now incharge of the institution, which would give these people significantly less attention than they received before. 

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Prince Harry
Image taken by Mark Jones from Wikipedia.

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