“Ustaz” SHOOTS ARROWS At Dogs, Mufti Kedah Says Killing Dogs HARAM In Islam 

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dogs face Haram
Photo by Milli on Unsplash

Apparently there are some people who are bestowing themselves with the title “ustaz” and are shooting arrows at dogs that roam around their neighborhood. However, things are taking a worse turn for said ustaz as a Mufti states that it is haram to kill canines in Islam, regardless if Muslims are not allowed to touch them. 

Killing dogs is haram in Islam 

Netizens are sharing their sympathies towards these canines as they claim that the animals might have not done anything wrong at all. Some are stating that they have seen grown adults throwing stones at dogs for no apparent reason. Furthermore, if an animal is provoked for no reason, they tend to attack you back. 

Others state that owning dogs in general isn’t haram in Islam. Following that, touching them isn’t haram as well as only their saliva is haram. They can be used for security purposes or hunting. However, there are some segments in the religion that do not allow people to own dogs for no reasons whatsoever. 

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dogs face Haram
Photo by Milli on Unsplash

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