Netizens ANGRY At Viral Video Of Bully BEATING UP School Mate

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Image screen shotted from Malaysia Viral's Twitter page.

Malaysians on Twitter are vehemently against bullying in school. Violence is never the answer when it comes to minor conflicts. A recent viral video depicts a boy getting beaten up by another boy for unknown reasons. Netizens are angry at the situation and some are tagging PDRM to involve themselves in said situation. 

Bullying is not the answer 

It is encouraged by the original poster to share and retweet this story as much as possible until the family members of the child that is bullied will know what happened. They state that the victims tend to not say much or anything at all to their parents or any authoritative figures due to the potential implications it might have on them. 

Netizens state that children are sent to school to get an education in order to build a better life for themselves. They are not sent to school to suppress others by hurting them. Furthermore, netizens state that someone else should’ve gotten involved in order to help the kid. But as we all know, the likelihood of someone else involving themselves in situations like these are really low. 

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Image screen shotted from Malaysia Viral’s Twitter page.

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