The New Glazer Circus in Bids For Manchester United

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The Glazer familyis playing a real circus in the bids for Manchester United from Qatar and from Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The latter has been warned that the Glazers are “using” him in negotiations with Sheikh Jassim from Qatar.

Using Ratcliffe

The aim is to get Sheikh Jassim to pay a higher price for Manchester United amid their ongoing takeover process. Jassim can pay more than what Radcliff is offering.

Glazer Circus

“In my opinion, although it’s turned into a bit of a circus, it’s quite straightforward – the Glazers know Sheikh Jassim can pay pretty much whatever he wants and Sir Jim Ratcliffe can’t, so they’re using Sir Jim as a way to force Jassim into upping his offer in order to get as much as they can before they sail off into the sunset, and hopefully are never heard of again,” says Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore.

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Manchester United
Image of Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford. Photo taken by André Zahn from Wikipedia.

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