Why is SAIFUDDIN Annoyed That Anwar is Now a CELEBRITY PM?

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Anwar Effectm Saifuddin
Anwar in Kelantan

Jealousy says netizens who are whacking the former Minister of Foreign Affairs who was snubbed in a visit abroad. The Indera Mahkota-Bersatu MP Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah chided Anwar, asking him whether he wanted to be a prime minister or a celebrity.

Celebrity PM

However, since Saifuddin is now in the Opposition, he is finding it hard to accept that Anwar has also risen to celebrity status after only five months in power.

Saifuddin Annoyed

“I don’t know if we are now led by a PM or a celebrity (because) I don’t see him carrying himself as a PM, but more like a celebrity. The way he dresses and tries to get people to follow his (dressing) ‘trend’, the way he gets his children to attend some programmes. Very funny indeed.

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