US Politicians MOURNING The Loss Of Jordan Neely, Black Man Arrested For 44 Crimes UNALIVED By Marine 

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Jordan Neely
Image screen shotted from Twitter.

The whole woke ideology in America is that criminals should be protected at all costs. Stories are coming out on Twitter stating that Jordan Neely has actually a colorful criminal past, with 44 arrests. Furthermore, one of his worst crimes was kidnapping a 7 year old child, to which American conservatives are using it against him. 

Woke left mourning for Jordan Neely 

It went to a point where prominent American conservatives, like the CEO and founder of Ultra Right beer, claimed that AOC, a prominent Democrat, was pretending to mourn the loss of this individual. Others are talking about the victims of Jordan Neely, such as the 65 year old lady he punched in the face. 

There were further brutal comments against him stating that he is a menace to society. He apparently pushed an old woman down onto the subway tracks. Yet the American authorities did nothing about this. Many are stating that America is no longer safe under the rule of the woke Democrats protecting such individuals. 

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Jordan Neely
Image screen shotted from Twitter.

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