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Image screen shotted from YouTube user @laura88lee

Those who shop at Zara, especially during the sales season in Malaysia can understand the frustrations of the payment queue. Furthermore, if you have a lot of items, it can be tiring to hold on to them while waiting for your turn to pay. But in London, there is a store that offers a self check out routine. 

Zara’s self check out store in London

However, naysayers are saying that these outfits will still be charged the same price, but you’d have to do manual labor. Others are saying that when convenience stores or chain supermarkets offer this, it is wrong. But when a store like Zara has it, it is suddenly innovative and futuristic. 

Despite these claims, the self checkout devices will automatically identify the clothing items you selected and will charge you accordingly for it. Unfortunately, some are stating that certain branches that do offer this service can sometimes have technical errors, which would lead to the staff ringing up their customers manually. 

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Image screen shotted from YouTube user @laura88lee

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