Akka Nasi Lemak UPSET People TRASH TALKING About Her Business 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page: @MALAYSIAVIRALLL

Recently, someone fully translated the viral video of the now famous Akka Nasi Lemak. It is unfortunate what she has to go through. Others asked her repeatedly on why she is thin, and she states that she does not have the appetite to eat due to her house and car having a strong smell of raw chicken and prawn. 

Akka nasi lemak tired of criticisms towards her 

Furthermore, the Akka nasi lemak states that she shares one bedroom with her kids and would prefer those that trash talk her to speak to her directly. Netizens are standing behind her, people are saying that they will defend her no matter what. Others are stating that it is peculiar that there are such individuals who are willing to hurt her. 

Following that, netizens are stating that she should hire extra help to cope with her new found demand. Apparently, there are those that mocked her for not speaking Malay and netizens are calling out those people as well. There are some that state she should’ve made her video in Malay. 

Regardless, Bahasa Tamil is also a part of the many languages that Malaysia has to offer in its diverse cultures. The same goes to Bahasa Mandarin, as these languages are strongly tied to our history. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter page: @MALAYSIAVIRALLL


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