New: Grab ADIK CHOKED By Angry WOMAN For Parking Spot

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @xtxaxfxk

Typically, Malaysians have a high regard to food delivery riders, such as Grab Food and Food Panda due to the harsh nature of their job. Unfortunately, for this adik, she was choked by an older lady due to a parking dispute. Initially, the older woman told her off, but she retaliated and was subsequently choked

Grab rider adik says she lost respect for older people 

However, it seems that netizens are not siding with the Grab rider, but with the older woman regarding the parking issue. Furthermore, it seems that netizens are not happy at the young rider disrespecting her elder over such a small issue. Many state that she could’ve just apologized and moved on quietly. 

Another user states that the rider is at fault as said parking is meant for cars, and it seems to be an area where it is difficult to get parking as is most of Klang Valley. Despite this, some netizens said that it is not okay for the other woman to raise her hands on this delivery adik. Netizens also state that grab riders do not take a long time when using a parking lot to deliver food. 

Car owners are asking the million Ringgit question stating what they are supposed to do when a motorcycle is parked at a car parking lot. Other netizens respond by saying that they should honk their horn until the owner comes out to leave the spot. However, netizens state that sometimes even this trick would not work. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @xtxaxfxk

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