New: Netizen Confused With Speedmart PRICING SAME Dish Soaps DIFFERENTLY

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user: @XXXbyefelicia

Retail in Malaysia is always pretty consistent, however, there are times where we can see certain flaws. Recently, a netizen spotted a dish soap priced differently with another one that is exactly the same. It appears that Speedmart 99 priced one of them at RM4.99 and the other at RM5.40. 

Speedmart’s pricings 

After the whole commotion that is spread all over Twitter regarding this ordeal, one netizen states that this is due to the different expiry dates. However, many are asking whether dish soaps even have such a thing. The user responds by saying that even mineral water have expiry dates. 

Another user who has experience in a retail store like Speedmart states that there are times where prices fluctuate and a short handed staff may overlook tiny details such as these. However, it is the responsibility of the store’s supervisor to cross check the prices thoroughly before an unhappy customer complains. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user: @XXXbyefelicia

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