Now: Household INCOME Below RM 9,150 Considered As B40

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The class separation in Malaysia is always a topic that is discussed. One netizen points out that the household income in different states would differ due to the different standards of living. Furthermore, it is said that if one household earns between RM9,000 and RM16,000 a month in Kuala Lumpur they are lumped as M40. 

Household income woes in Malaysia 

Some are stating that regardless if a household is B40, M40 or T20, the most important thing is that they work hard for their money. Furthermore, the user adds that there is no point if someone earns a lot of money, yet at the same time owes a lot of money to the bank. 

Netizens are stating that this is good news as there are more households earning extra money in the country. However, there are those that state changes in these classifications are needed in order to keep up with inflation and the rising cost of living in Malaysia. 

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a view of a city with tall buildings Selangor household
Photo by Ronald Langeveld on Unsplash.

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