Parents LEFT Son In Petrol Station And SCOLDS Him On The Phone 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @bckupacc99

Twitter is currently talking about how a child was left at a petrol station after his parents forgot him. Following that, a netizen recorded a video of the son talking to his mother on the phone, where she appears to be scolding him for not stepping foot in the car after getting down. Netizens are angry at the boy’s parents. 

Parents leaving son in petrol station by accident 

Netizens are coming down hard on the child’s parents. Furthermore, they are stating that it is typical for Malaysians to blame their children, even though the whole ordeal is their mistake. Twitter users state that the parents should be more responsible in either double or triple checking their son’s whereabouts before leaving the vicinity. 

However, some state that if during a convoy of cars, parents may be unaware of which relative/friend’s car their child chose to ride with. Despite this, parents should take the initiative on knowing where their child is exactly at all moments. 

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Image screen shotted from Twitter user @bckupacc99
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