Civil Servants Who SKIP Work Will NOW Be Subjected To DISCIPLINARY Actions, Netizens APPROVE 

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Official Fired Putrajaya Civil Servants
Photo of the PMO at Putrajaya - Wikipedia

The common story of civil servants in Malaysia having a relaxed job is constantly being talked about. However, for the most part, this isn’t true, but the assumption of it still remains. Regardless, recently, there are some who were penalized due to them missing a large chunk of their work days. 

Civil servants penalized for not coming to work 

Last year, disciplinary measures were taken against 591 civil servants due to a range of offenses. Tan Sri Zainal Rahim Seman, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (SPA), revealed that these offenses included extended periods of unauthorized absence from duty.

He further disclosed that 51 individuals faced disciplinary action, 28 were temporarily suspended from their jobs, and 14 were dismissed. Additionally, 498 individuals lodged appeals against the disciplinary actions taken against them.

Netizens are supportive of this decision. However, some are stating that they should be fired from their positions. It would be beneficial to bring someone who is actually productive, rather than to give disciplinary actions towards an existing employee who isn’t up to the standards. 

Another netizen states that if someone were to work in the private sector, they would definitely not get away with this. In the private sector, if you’re missing for two consecutive days, you’d be on unpaid leave forever. This obviously meant that the individual would lose their job. 

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Official Fired Putrajaya Civil Servants
Photo of the PMO at Putrajaya – Wikipedia

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