Alleged New PKR Infighting Spilling To Twitter

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PKR infighting
Rumours have it there is an infighting in the PKR

Is there a PKR infighting between pro-Rafizi Ramli and those who are not in his favour? As far as we know the fight started when Rafizi won the elections for deputy President. He was told to wait in line and that he will not be the automatic leader if anything happens to PM Anwar Ibrahim. At that time, Anwar was not PM.

Influence in Government

Now there is this tweet from one Pemikir Malaysia who is saying there are complaints about Nurul Izzah Anwar meddling in some affairs. Read the tweet below and after that read the tweet that comes right after here in this article. The fight does not seem to be over contracts but mostly over influence in the government.

PKR Infighting?

Looks like a fight between Nurul Izzah, her husband Yin Shao Loong, a senior research associate at Khazanah Research Institute vs the pro-Rafizi camp. However, to us this is normal as long as it does not fall into the category of the fight that Azmin Ali led against Anwar in the PKR before his frogging to Bersatu. Nevertheless, if its a political strife to fight Anwar inside the PKR again, the losers will be the people, the followers of the party. Fikir betul betul lah!

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