Netizens Now Complaining About SINGAPOREAN Woman Behaving RUDELY On Bus 

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There are a number of Malaysians that are constantly complaining about how Singaporeans can sometimes be rude when they come and visit our country. Furthermore, it is a popular sentiment among Malaysians. Hence, when a tourist decides to behave rudely or inappropriately, it is spread all over social media. 

Singaporean tourists behaving rudely? 

There are, however, some netizens stating that we too can be rude to others when they’re in our country. Furthermore, there are statements stating that Malaysians did this to themselves by voting for politicians that constantly keep the country down. While our neighbor Singapore is doing significantly better than us, hence why they may look down on us. 

Another netizen generalized that all of them behave like this. However, not all Singaporeans behave like this, as there is a mixed bag of attitudes among different people. There are plenty of foreigners in Malaysia that are genuinely nice and caring people that would not cause trouble. 

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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