Adik Nasi Lemak SCRUTINIZED By Man For CHARGING RM2.50 Now Instead Of RM2

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Image screenshotted from Twitter user @AkeemSharyzal

The story of nasi lemak sellers being attacked by their customers seems to be a trend in Malaysia. Apparently, this adik nasi lemak charged her customer RM0.50 more than usual. However, her customer got angry about the extra costs. This is regardless of him requesting more ikan bilis, more sambal etc.  

Adik nasi lemak angers her customer for charging him more 

Netizens are defending her as the man was asking for more items. In a more expensive restaurant, these extras would definitely cost more. We would have to be fair to those who are small business owners, as these small things can add up for them. Furthermore, she also states that ikan bilis today is more costly than before. 

Towards the end of the video, the seller backed out stating that she is okay charging him RM2. However, he had no cash to pay her, so he insisted on paying via QR pay. Netizens are vehemently angry at this customer, as not only he made a huge fuss over RM0.50, but he also did not prepare any small change to pay the adik nasi lemak. 

Another user states that men like him are not thinking rationally. The cost of eggs, nuts, ikan bilis and sambals all have increased. RM2 as a base cost for nasi lemak is quite affordable as it is. 

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Image screenshotted from Twitter user @AkeemSharyzal

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