Swatch Seizures Spark Outrage Against Minister: Is The New Apple Watch in Danger?

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Apple Watch
Image from Apple's official website.

The recent Swatch watch banning is leading up to debates among Malaysians. Staunch conservatives are vehemently against such public campaigns, meanwhile, liberals state that it should be allowed to do so. Some are even asking if the Apple Watch should be banned. Following that, a new trend among Malaysians on Twitter is them posting anything remotely related to the LGBT flag.  

Apple Watch OS supporting LGBT?

While the gov’t cracked on Swatch’s pride elements,  it is allowing the Coldplay concert which is condemned by the PAS opposition. The drama is intensifying when in reality, it was the previous government who agreed to the whole ordeal when they were running the country. 

While some are asking whether the government is going to ban Apple Watches for being gay, there are talks about brands like Converse offering rainbow shoes and celebrities like Siti Nur Haliza wearing rainbow diamond-encrusted watches. Perhaps the KDN should act against those too, immediately.

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Apple Watch
Image from Apple’s official website.

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