Do Public Universities Have Walkable Campuses? Now Netizens COMPLAINING About 45 Mins Walk Time 

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University Universities black swivel chair beside rectangular brown wooden desk
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Apparently, there have been complaints about higher net worth families sending their kids to public universities simply due to the fact that their parking spaces are limited. Furthermore, there are those that suggest students walk from one class to the other. However, netizens show that the campus is literally not walkable as it is massive. 

Public University campuses are big 

One user states that it is the fault of these entitled students for driving private cars to government universities. They suggested that students fight for better walking infrastructure, for public bus services or for better accommodations. However, another netizen responds by saying that a lot of these students are actually using their parents’ cars. 

Another netizen responded by saying that universities are not built to walk around, especially those that are massive. One example is UPM, where if you’d be willing to walk from one faculty to the other, it would take you at least 44 minutes. If you’d want to visit another university, it would take you more than an hour to walk. 

There were those who scrutinized her opinions by saying that there are bus services available for the students to use. However, she states that there will be times when the bus is either full, or you’d miss it. If that happens, you’d most likely be late for class as the bus frequencies are not that great either. 

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University Universities black swivel chair beside rectangular brown wooden desk

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