Why Do MNCs Love Malaysia? New CHEAP LABOR Says One Netizen

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It is apparent that there are a number of MNCs popping up in Malaysia. According to one netizen, they do not pay the locals well while overworking them. This seems to be the popular sentiment among Malaysians. There are a handful of foreign companies that pay extremely well, but generally, they tend to not. 

MNCs love Malaysia due to cheap labor? 

Recently, the President of MEF stated that it is hard to keep up with the salary demand of the younger graduates. This is despite their well versed knowledge towards technology. A netizen responds by saying that we fawn over multinational companies to hire us, but we are just as replaceable as a light bulb when they find a cheaper country to work from. 

Other netizens state that MNCs can still pay their Malaysian workers five times less, and it will still be higher than what a local company would pay. It appears that there are a few that agree with this sentiment. There are jokes depicting people who are working stating that in their university days, they were unable to spend, even when they’re working their income is still limited. 

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people doing office works MNC
Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

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