ANGRY Student BURNS DOWN Boarding School Due To Phone Being Confiscated Now Claimed 19 Lives

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An unfortunate incident happened at a boarding school where a female student was angry at her boarding school in Guyana. She then lit a fire and burned down her entire school. The incident claimed 19 innocent lives. Netizens are reflecting on the fact that kids today are heavily reliant on technology. 

Angry student burns down her boarding school 

Netizens are annoyed with certain news outlets not reporting the clear direct facts. It appears that the perpetrator is still alive and well despite there being deaths under her actions. Apparently, she even threatened to burn down the school previously, and she had an affair with an older gentleman. 

Some are stating that they understand her anger and frustration as there could be a chance that the teachers took her phone specifically. However, netizens state that it still does not justify her burning down her school and claiming the lives of 19 of her schoolmates. 

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Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

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