Three MALAY GIRLS Show How To HORSE Ride-Thru McDonalds

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Horse Ride-thru
In Terengganu, there are many ways to catch a McD

Read horses, with their riders in Tudung – at least for two of them who are shown in the video – goes through the entire process. They look at the menu, they order the food, they pay in cash to collect the food and drinks. This is the great way the three girls in Malaysia found to order their McDonalds perhaps because they can’t drive a car. Horse Ride-thru!

The Ganu Way


Membalas kepada @Osman galau nh part 2

♬ bunyi asal – lechi🤍 – lechi🤍

Hold your reins and saddle up for a wild ride through the fast food lane! TikToker @missneoo0 and her fearless friends embarked on an equestrian adventure to a Kuala Terengganu McDonald’s drive-through, capturing the hilarious journey on video.

Three Girls on Horse Ride-thru

With their trusty steeds in tow, the three horses patiently queued up behind a red hatchback, eagerly awaiting their turn to order. As the car drove away, the equine trio trotted forward, catching the bewildered looks of the McDonald’s staff at the payment booth.

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