This is How Kelantanese Get Their Potable Water

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This is How Kelantanese Get Their Potable Water

PAS attacks PM Anwar Ibrahim for the economic, social and water woes of Kelantan. But PAS is ruling the state, and has no plans or brains on how to solve the issues. Right? The Kelantanese love them?

Water Woes

Now see how the citizens of Kelantan are using their ingenuity – of course, they are forced to – to get potable water. This is Malaysia in 2023 folks and if you want to see that in Selangor, Penang and Negeri Sembilan, do you know who to vote for?

Kelantanase Love PAS?

Nevertheless, watch the video below to see how the Kelantan Water Agency board got a big RM10k cek each while the Kelantanese struggle to get clean water, daily. If they love the PAS more than their comfort, they will vote PAS.

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