PAS MP Learns The HARD WAY from Hannah

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Hannah Yeoh, PAS MP
Image of Hannah Yeoh from her official Twitter account.
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It will take a few more lessons, live from Parliament, and face-to-face with PH Ministers and MPs for PAS to finally insaf. Insaf means accepting defeat. Why are we saying this?


Today, Hannah Yeoh, the Sports Minister, gave a lecture to the Pasir Salak PAS MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari who asked what is she going to do to prevent political instability from impacting sports. The questions was expected indeed and Yeoh was well prepared with her answer.

Unreasonably, the PAS MP used his cheekiness to name Kenya, Cuba, and Palestine as among countries with known political instabilities but recorded a better performance in certain sports. Yeoh replied that these nations do not compete in Southeast Asia, which the PAS MP probably just learned.

PAS MP Schooled

On the other hand, Yeoh also argued that the change of 3 PMs and Ministers of Sports since 2020 and the change in board members and funding for sports did result in a backlash on sports in the country. We all agree on that.

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