PAS President Now Faces Criticism for Singling Out Anwar Ibrahim in Kelantan Matter

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The Community Communication Department (J-Kom) expressed concern over a recent statement by PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang, in which he blamed Anwar Ibrahim for the problems faced by Kelantan. 

PAS placing blame on others 

According to Mohammad Agus Yusoff, the director-general of J-Kom, Abdul Hadi’s accusations against Anwar were made after linking the issue to Anwar’s tenure as the Finance Minister. Agus pointed out that Anwar held this position from 1991 until his expulsion from the party and government in 1998. Agus questioned why Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who was Anwar’s superior in 1991, was not held accountable, and why the Finance Ministers before and after Anwar in 1998 were not criticized. 

He expressed confusion and emphasized that the party should have come up with ideas and plans to develop Kelantan during their 33 months in the central government. Agus called on the people of Kelantan to seek ways to advance their state by choosing committed leaders.

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