Vile Comment Portraying DAP As 1930s German Deutsch Party 

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DAP, Syerleena, Mas Gading MP

The hatred towards a certain group is seemingly taken seriously among some individuals in Malaysia. It is unfortunate as we should love one and another without any complications. It is a terrible sight to see Nazi symbols being popular in our country. However, another netizen realizes the word “DAP” is written on the book. 

Nazi book with DAP written on it? 

For those that do not know, DAP is a political party in Malaysia. They are considered to be one of the more liberal ones, especially when compared to PAS. When others are showing concerns over the rise of hate groups in Malaysia, there is apparently room for comedy left in the discussion. 

Some netizens state that they purchased the book with no intent on joining any hate group. They are simply interested in the literature of said book. Regardless, the Nazis were not a nice group for anyone who isn’t of Aryan or pure European origins to join. 

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