Santiago: I Did Not (Apologise) Out of My Free Will

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Charles Santiago
The Former MP wants media to report justly

Ex-YB Charles Santiago is not happy with the media reports on his ‘apology’ to Dr Zakir Naik, saying media was misleading in their titles. We can understand that. Hence, in our report on the case between the two men, we bring you Mr Santiago’s version of facts.

Apologise to Naik

In a lengthy tweet, the DAP man says he was directed by the judge in the case, High Court Judge, Akhtar Tahir, to offer the apology to Zakir Nik immediately. He did not have time to consult with his lawyers he says.

Santiago vs Nik

He adds that while he did not make the apology on his own will (So he is saying he was forced?). he also says the Honorable Judge found @drzakiranaik ’s statement “can cause a threat to multiracial Malaysia, stir religious sentiments and cause tensions amongst us.” He also says when he was the YB or MP, his comments against Naik was to ensure one man doesn’t create divisions amongst us, Malaysians.

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