Siti Bainun Now REQUESTING For Deferment On Her Jail Sentence, Does She Deserve It?

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Siti Bainun

Recently, Siti Bainun, Malaysia’s new infamous figure for everything that can go wrong in a child care facility states that her prison sentence should be delayed. Among the reasons why it should be delayed is because of her charity work and the fact that she is a woman. Netizens are not buying that. 

Siti Bainun not fond of prison? 

Netizens are still vehemently against her, stating that she deserves to live out her punishment in prison. If she did not want to land herself in jail, she should’ve not abused Bella. Furthermore, netizens state that there are a plethora of women in jail, yet we do not see them complaining about their time there. 

Another netizen went on a prison museum tour in Melaka. However, the netizen understands why Bainun is scared to enter prison. The conditions in jail are tough, especially if you end up in solitary confinement. Regardless, the sentiment is still relatively unchanged when it comes to the child abuser. 

Others state that one should think carefully before committing crimes as prison is not a fun experience. Time there moves slower than our normal daily lives, as there is nothing much that could be done. Furthermore, the Twitter user adds that this is one of the reasons why some prisoners are eager to work while in jail. 

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Siti Bainun

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