Ulama Urged to Provide RESPECTFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism For Nation Growth 

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Public Holiday - Anwar Ibrahim, German president, Anwar lost support Ulama, anwar beats Muhyiddin
Photo from Anwar Ibrahim Facebook

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim emphasized the importance of ulama bravely and sincerely criticizing the government to elevate the status of the people and the nation. 

Ulamas urged to give proper criticisms 

The Prime Minister responded by stating that the government is open to constructive criticism, provided it is done respectfully and with the intention of improvement rather than defamation or punishment. The ulama’s role, according to Anwar, is to offer respectful and constructive criticism to guide the government, rather than engaging in slander or punishment. 

The Prime Minister also urged the Ministry of Education and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia to republish the compilation of the 40 Hadiths of Imam Nawawi, as it is seen as a valuable resource for knowledge development, particularly for Islamic students.

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Public Holiday - Anwar Ibrahim, German president, Anwar lost support Ulama
Photo from Anwar Ibrahim Facebook

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