VERSACE’s NEW 2024 Look Co Designed By DUA LIPA

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Fans are excited for this new collaboration. It appears that Versace has been pretty quiet with their looks as of late, but a brand revival seems to come into play. The looks are very “Dua Lipa” as one might say. Fans state that the collection does reflect her or reflects someone who has her taste and style.

Versace 2024 look collaborating with Dua Lipa 

There were some fans that stated it was boring, cheap looking and Versace’s elements were forced into these looks. Others are excited for the 1990s looks returning to Versace. However, there are some signs that the brand is declining, Johor Premium Outlets has their items on massive discounts. 

In contrast, Gucci and Balenciaga, who also have outlets there, seem to have a less significant discount on their goods. Others state that the men’s looks are amazing, but the girl clothes look as though it is a Shein product. It is particularly an insult when a luxury brand pushes something out for it to look as though it was from a fast fashion company. 

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