Lorry Driver Driving RECKLESSLY On Federal Highway, Eye Witness Angry 

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Lorry Driver
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @simrath98

Malaysia is no stranger to road rage and peculiar drivers. However, there are some incidents where there are those that will stand out. An incident happened yesterday where a netizen was sharing out their frustrations towards said driver. The lorry driver almost crashed into the netizen’s car. 

Lorry driver reckless driving on Federal Highway 

It appears that the netizen started a fight with the lorry driver by bullying the netizen. The driver stops and races to catch up with the netizen. He even tried to block the road. What’s worse is that he almost crashed into the other cars on the highway. All of this, only for him to bully the initial driver. 

Another Twitter user states that this scene looks as though it is an attempted murder. The user adds that if a lorry of that magnitude hits another car, it would be bad for the car. This is due to the massive size and weight difference of the two vehicles. The user then says that the video evidence is enough to warrant a summon. 

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Lorry Driver
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @simrath98

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