Netizens Now CRITICISING Sea Master Water For Its TASTE 

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Sea Master

Sea Master is always known for its affordability and availability to the masses in Malaysia. They are known as an RO water company, which is reverse osmosis and they currently account for 30% of the drinking water in Malaysia. Many are still satisfied with the bottled water, but nowadays it seems that Twitter users are taking it up a notch. 

Sea Master water bottles 

One Twitter user posted a satirical caption with a bottle of Sea Master. The caption states that he would rather choke than drink said “coconut” water. Another netizen posted a meme depicting a man in the desert desperately looking for water, he found the company’s bottled water and threw it away. 

However, we know that this is a dubious claim, if that ever happened in real life, the man would definitely drink it. 

There are those that state they genuinely like the taste of said mineral water. They are also asking whether they are the only ones who like it. The original poster responded by saying that the water isn’t tasty, along with crude remarks. 

It is slightly unbelievable that now netizens are debating on whether Sea Master is delicious or not. Regardless, it is simply a brand of bottled water, if anyone dislikes it, they are free to purchase a bottle from their competitors. 

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