New: Secondary Three Students BEATING EACHOTHER Up Till They Bleed Due To Eraser

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It appears that there are some students who are actively beating eachother up for small incidents. Apparently, one student threw an eraser towards another, and in the end he got beaten up till he bled. The incident happened yesterday in Johor, and the injuries were quite severe for some. 

Students beating eachother up over erasers? 

Some netizens are blaming the popular Malaysian TV series, Project High Council. They state that this show is influencing students to over react over small incidents. Furthermore, the Twitter user claims that this show should not be shown towards school students. This is not a popular sentiment among Malaysians. 

Others informed parents to take a closer look towards their own children as they can be two different people depending on the location. Some suggest that in school some obedient children can turn into monsters right behind their own parents’ back. Furthermore, another netizen states that this is true for kindergartners. 

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