New UNREGULATED Sale of Refined White SUGAR Approved By Government

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The government has granted permission to two local sugar producers, MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad (MSM) and Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR), to release refined white sugar at market-determined prices instead of controlled prices. 

Refined White Sugar prices to increase? 

This decision, announced by Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, aims to encourage careful spending and savings among the public. However, it is emphasized that the availability of this refined white sugar should not replace the existing supply of coarse and fine white sugar. 

Any sugar producers failing to meet the demand for existing refined white sugar may face consequences, as will wholesalers and retailers who impose restrictions or refuse to sell the available refined white sugar to their customers. The minister shared these details during a media briefing held after presenting the Excellent Service Award (APC) for KPDN and its agencies for the year 2022.

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Photo by Alexander Grey

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