More Than 180,000 SPM Students Now NOT INTERESTED In University 

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This comes as a shock to many that SPM students are showing less and less interest towards getting a university degree. One netizen states that this should be a national crisis. This is especially bad when it is almost 50% of the students who sat for SPM. It was a steady increase over the previous year where 115,000 refused to continue their education. 

SPM Students not interested in tertiary education 

It appears that the craze of rising influencers on TikTok and Instagram is influencing these kids to not pursue their higher education. However, netizens state that notable influencers in Malaysia went through higher education to refine their skills. Furthermore, influencers are also stating that it is important to have a bachelor’s degree as a safety net. 

Some users state that secondary school graduates earn the same amount as Degree holders which is RM1.8k. However, other users respond to this saying that workers without a degree tend to get salary increments and promotions significantly lesser than their colleagues with an education. 

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