Now Netizens Say Other Lorry Drivers Should Take ACTION Against RECKLESS Lorry Driver 

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Photo not from Johor police random checks

Yesterday, an unfortunate incident happened where a lorry driver was bullying a driver. Netizens are not happy with that scene as it is seen as reckless driving. Furthermore, the truck driver almost hit other cars in order to get his “revenge” against the driver. Netizens are calling out other lorry drivers to take a stance against this. 

Lorry drivers should take a stance 

Famous Twitter users are calling for the internet detectives to find more information about this driver. Furthermore, many are stating that the highways are not a place for such behavior. The standard Malaysian saying applies to this very well, which is, the roads do not belong to your father. 

Other netizens agree that the lorry driver should get his license suspended for his act on the road. He not only seeked to damage another individual’s car, but was also a safety risk to other cars and Grab/FoodPanda riders on the road. A massive unnecessary accident could’ve happened simply due to one driver’s ego. 

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