Video: Rate These MPs in the New DEWAN RAKYAT Session

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Watch the Twitter videos below to see for yourself
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For the sake of clarity, and to recall what we saw since the end of the PRU15 in November 2020, we bring you back a short video clip. This clip shows the speeches, actions and of course the hilarious and sad part of PN MPs in the Dewan Rakyat.

Raya Break

While you think they would have taken the break and the Hari Raya exposure to fix their mistakes and their funny acts, no. They did not. They are as bad now as they were before the Raya break.

Dewan Rakyat or Pasar?

So you can now decide for yourself who was the biggest clown from the MPs that we have in Parliament. Do they deserve to be there? Should there be a law that allows the August Parliament to kick them out for good?

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