TikToker Found A Second Hand HERMES Bag At THRIFT STORE 

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Image screenshotted from TikTok user @melworeit

Now, it is unclear if she actually found a genuine Hermes bag, but according to her research, there were quite a number of similarities of an official bag to this one. Comments were mixed, some state that it is fake, some state that it is original. However, in a country like America, we could never know as there are more luxury shoppers than there are here. 

Hermes bag at thrift store? 


I saw a video about a year ago where a girl found an authentic Hermes Evelyne bag so it HAS happened before! #hermesbag #valuevillagefinds #thrifteddesignerbags #thriftstorefinds #thriftwithme #thriftfindsoftheweek

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Regardless, even if it was a fake, the TikToker stated that the leather quality, and the stitching were of the top most quality. She also states that since Hermes is a discrete brand, she would be able to use the bag whether it is real or fake as the bag is not at all flashy or full of logos, in contrast to Chanel or Gucci. 

Despite this, it still looks as though it is in pretty good shape. The user states that the bag is from 2008. Not bad for a bag that is over 15 years old. There were some users that state that if this is fake, luxury brands should be ashamed of themselves for not being “thousands of dollars” in quality terms, better than their own fakes. 

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Image screenshotted from TikTok user @melworeit

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