Flat Residents DO NOT CARE Even After UNALIVING 17-Year-Old By Throwing Trash From Above?

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The residents of Block 100 Flat Sri Pantai remain oblivious to the tragedy of a 17-year-old boy’s death after being struck by a discarded chair from an upper floor, as they continue to casually dispose of their trash in the area. Despite the installation of nets on the stairs following the incident, these too have become makeshift receptacles for garbage. 

A local resident told Harian Metro by expressing her frustrations with the persistent issue, revealing that despite fines and warnings, some residents persist in littering the surroundings, leading to unpleasant odors and inconvenience for others. 

Flat residents not caring even if it is risking safety of youths 

It appears that netizens are angry at this sentiment, they state that the people living in the area should improve upon their respective behaviors. One user states a motorcyclist would literally bring his motorcycle in the lift and proceed to relieve himself in it. They would make noises in the middle of the night until other residents would scream at them. 

Another user states that the flat management should install a CCTV to capture all of these wrong doings on camera. For those who are caught, they should have their families expelled from their homes. To many, this idea seems harsh, to some it seems necessary. However, one netizen states that there are already payment problems regarding maintenance fees, installing a CCTV will only complicate things further in terms of payment. 

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Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean on Unsplash

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